OK so I have made some HUGE life changes in a very short period of time. My amazing Man moved in with his kids and now I have a house full. (Which I am loving by the way) Now I’m trying to get everything organized, still trying to move in his stuff, and make everything fit. I know that it is going to take some time, but inside I am flipping out. OK, so while we are doing the move thing my absolutely amazing Fiance opened up his tattoo shop. He has been stressing so much about the shop so I have been trying to help him by doing anything I can plus more. The shop still isn’t 100% and probably will constantly be a work in progress, but it is open and running. I am so proud of him for taking this step in his life. So, on top of the move, new schools, getting house organized, nephew that lives with us quits his job, friend crashing at our place for two months, opening the shop….yeah I know that is enough right there to make a sane person go completely insane! We are planning our wedding which is in less then a month. Oh and it’s not like we have had a year to plan or even months nope not me. Think weeks! Yeah we don’t want to wait to get married so we are doing it as soon as possible. So, on top of everything already going on I’m trying to put together a wedding on no money or time. I’m stressed to the max and extremely emotional. I lost it last night and burst into tears. Oh and by the way I have a very¬†stressful job that takes me away from my new family for 12 hours at a time at night. I’m miserable! I just want to be home with my family and spend as much time as possible with my future husband. I’ve had a killer headache all night that has turned into a full blown migraine. Is it so much to ask to want to be home to tuck in all the kids and cuddle up with my man? At this point I’m just trying to not pull all my hair out. Who likes a bald bride right? I just want a romantic wedding that is special and meaningful to us. I want us to look back on that night and have amazing memories. Maybe now that the shop is open I can finally concentrate on the wedding. Unfortunately I’m to the point where I just want to say fuck it and either let someone else plan it or do the court house thing. I have never wanted to do the court house thing, but¬† I’m getting to that point.

Aug 22 -
Pulling my hair out!

This is going to be where I put down my thoughts, worries, concerns, likes, and dislikes. Basically things that I don't want to say outloud.