It seems that everything has to happen all at once. I feel like I get my feet kicked out from under me and right when I get back on my feet I get them kicked out again. I am constantly falling flat on my ass. I just hope that I can muster up what it takes to keep getting up. So, I finally found out what has been causing most of my health problems. Surgery is in order and of course that carries a nice little price tag of $600. Oh and it is 2 days after Christmas. Christmas is a whole different issue. Buying gifts for 5 kids gets expensive real quick. So, this year it will be a small Christmas in the gift department. The gifts aren’t what matters though and we are stressing that this year. It is all about spending the time with the family. They seem to be getting that for the most part. So on top of all of this one kid has a birthday so we threw a party. Our car goes into the shop and yeah…. the transmission is going out. Basically now we need a new car, which we needed anyway due to the growing family, but we aren’t financially ready to buy a new car. Stressed about money more then usual…..

Dec 21 -
I need a money tree

This is going to be where I put down my thoughts, worries, concerns, likes, and dislikes. Basically things that I don't want to say outloud.